"Analyzing the Polarizing Ending of Law Abiding Citizen (2009)"

News - 13 March 2024
In 2009, the thriller Law Abiding Citizen was released by director F. Gary Gray. The film received positive feedback overall, but the ending left many critics and audience members dissatisfied.

What exactly went wrong with the concluding moments of this thriller? The storyline follows Clyde Shelton, played by Gerard Butler, a man whose life is shattered by a flawed justice system. In response, Shelton decides to take matters into his own hands, sparking a battle with prosecutor Nick Rice, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who seeks to thwart Shelton's vigilantism.nnThe film has been praised for its engaging plot, intense action sequences, and impressive performances by the lead actors.

Butler delivers a standout performance, but Foxx's portrayal also garnered critical acclaim, showcasing both actors at their best. Law Abiding Citizen received widespread acclaim, but the divisive point arose from its conclusion. Shelton's relentless quest for vengeance leads him to commit unthinkable acts, including the killing of innocent individuals.

However, Rice ultimately outsmarts Shelton, resulting in Shelton's demise at the hands of his own revenge-driven actions.nnAs the narrative unfolds, audiences find themselves rooting for Shelton as he battles against a corrupt legal system. However, the unexpected twist at the end portrays Shelton as the villain, reversing the audience's perspective entirely.

Many viewers were left disappointed by this sudden shift in character roles. Comments on various platforms, like YouTube, reflect audience frustration with the film's conclusion.nnDespite its controversial ending, Law Abiding Citizen remains a strong and compelling thriller.

Had the film opted for a different, more fitting conclusion from the start, it could have been hailed as one of the standout thrillers of the past decade and a half. Regrettably, this was not the case. Despite this, rumors of a sequel have circulated for some time.

Should a sequel materialize, audiences can only hope that the filmmakers avoid repeating the same mistake and deliver a more satisfying conclusion.nnIn conclusion, Law Abiding Citizen stands as a testament to the complexities of justice and revenge. The film's exploration of vigilante justice and the flaws within the legal system resonated with audiences, but its divisive ending left many feeling conflicted.

As discussions of a potential sequel continue, viewers can only hope that any future installments learn from the criticisms of the past and deliver a more cohesive narrative. Ultimately, Law Abiding Citizen remains a gripping thriller that sparks conversation and debate among audiences.