Adam Sandler's Former Co-Star Teases Potential 'Happy Gilmore' Sequel with Exciting Details

News - 24 March 2024
A former co-star of Adam Sandler recently shared exciting news about a potential sequel to the beloved 1995 comedy golf film, Happy Gilmore. In the original film, Sandler portrayed a former hockey player who discovers unexpected success on the golf course. Although Happy Gilmore may not have been a huge box office hit, grossing only $38 million, it garnered a strong following through video and DVD sales, solidifying its place as one of Sandler's most iconic works.

nnChristopher McDonald, who portrayed the memorable character Shooter McGavin in the first film, recently made an appearance on radio station 92.3 The Fan where he revealed details about the upcoming sequel. McDonald disclosed that during a recent meeting with Sandler, the comedian shared the first draft of the script for Happy Gilmore 2.

McDonald expressed his excitement about the project, stating, "I saw Adam two weeks ago and he said he wanted to show me something that I would love. And that was the first draft of the script for Happy Gilmore 2. Maybe you should cut this out of the interview because I don't want a liar mentioned, but he actually showed me that.

The fans want to see it, so it's being worked on."nnWhile Universal currently holds the rights to Happy Gilmore, it remains unclear if the studio will be involved in the production of the sequel. However, given Sandler's existing partnership with Netflix, there is speculation that Happy Gilmore 2 could potentially be included in Sandler's lucrative deal with the streaming service.

nnSandler, who has become a prominent figure in the world of comedy, has found success in collaborating with Netflix on a number of original projects. With a strong fanbase eager to see a continuation of Happy Gilmore's story, the potential for a sequel has generated significant buzz within the entertainment industry.nnAs discussions surrounding the development of Happy Gilmore 2 continue to unfold, fans of the original film can look forward to the possibility of reuniting with their favorite characters and witnessing new and hilarious adventures on the golf course.

With the comedic talents of Sandler and the creative vision of the filmmaking team behind the sequel, Happy Gilmore 2 has the potential to capture the hearts of audiences once again and solidify its place as a classic in the realm of comedy.