"The Fifth Element's Controversial Clothing Choice: Exploring Milla Jovovich's Iconic Outfit"

News - 11 November 2023
In recent articles published by FilmTotaal, there has been a focus on films that feature controversial clothing choices. One such film that has sparked discussion is The Fifth Element, particularly Milla Jovovich's outfit in the movie. Directed by Luc Besson, this space opera centers around Jovovich's character Leeloo, also known as the fifth element, a being created to protect Earth from a great evil that threatens to destroy all life on the planet every 5,000 years.

nnAlthough the film also stars actors like Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman, much of the attention was drawn to Jovovich and her distinctive medical bandage outfit. While this outfit has become iconic in its own right, it was not without its critics. Despite not wearing the outfit for the entirety of the film, it was the focal point of many discussions.

Jovovich herself was not a fan of the clothing choice, expressing discomfort with being so exposed. She also mentioned feeling uneasy on set, as she observed the crew discussing her appearance.nnDuring an interview with Vogue, Jovovich addressed the controversy surrounding her character's outfit: "Leeloo's bodysuit was a topic of conversation that I never quite understood.

The outfit may have raised eyebrows initially, but in reality, it serves a practical purpose. Hospitals often require patients to wear minimal clothing for ease of medical procedures, with open backs for injections. It's about balancing between covering up and maintaining accessibility without exposing too much.

"nnWhile Jovovich may have had reservations about the outfit, she has since embraced its place in the cult classic film. Her portrayal of Leeloo and the striking outfit have become defining elements of The Fifth Element's legacy. Despite the initial discomfort, Jovovich has come to appreciate the impact of the character and the outfit on popular culture.

nnOverall, the controversy surrounding Milla Jovovich's outfit in The Fifth Element sheds light on the complexities of costume design in film. What may seem provocative or questionable on the surface can often have deeper practical or symbolic meanings. In the case of Leeloo's outfit, it serves both narrative and visual purposes, emphasizing the character's vulnerability and strength.

As audiences continue to dissect and analyze films from various perspectives, it is important to consider the intentions behind creative choices like costume design and how they contribute to the overall cinematic experience.