Netflix Greenlights Enola Holmes 3: Millie Bobby Brown Set to Return as Teenage Detective

News - 9 November 2023
Netflix is doubling down on the success of Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' younger sister, with a third installment of the franchise currently in development at the popular streaming platform. Fans who have enjoyed the adventures of the teenage detective can rejoice, as Netflix is looking to expand on the story of Enola Holmes with another sequel.nnAccording to Collider, Netflix has officially announced that Enola Holmes 3 is in the works, with Millie Bobby Brown reprising her role as the titular character.

Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix Film, confirmed that the streaming service is actively working on a screenplay for the upcoming sequel, emphasizing their eagerness to collaborate with Brown once again. Brown, known for her role in the hit series Stranger Things, has become a rising star on Netflix, making her a valuable asset to the platform.nnStuber praised Brown's growth as an actress, highlighting her stellar performance in Stranger Things as a testament to her talent.

He expressed Netflix's enthusiasm for working with her on future projects, citing her as a "great homegrown star" for the platform. In addition to Enola Holmes, Brown is also set to star in the upcoming film Damsel, further solidifying her status as a versatile and in-demand actress.nnWhile Brown has a busy schedule ahead, Stuber made it clear that Enola Holmes 3 remains a priority for Netflix.

The platform is committed to continuing the story of the intrepid young detective, with Stuber expressing his desire to see the franchise expand further. "We're working on a screenplay again to try that. I'd like to do another one," Stuber said, hinting at the potential for more sequels in the future.

nnThe success of Enola Holmes has been a major win for Netflix, drawing in audiences with its clever storytelling, engaging characters, and dynamic performances. Brown's portrayal of Enola has been particularly well-received, earning praise for her charismatic and spirited interpretation of the character. As the franchise continues to gain momentum, Netflix is looking to capitalize on its popularity by exploring new avenues for storytelling and character development.

nnIn addition to Brown's involvement, Enola Holmes 3 will likely feature familiar faces from the previous installments, including Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes. The chemistry between the cast members has been a key factor in the success of the series, with each actor bringing a unique sensibility to their respective roles.nnAs Netflix gears up for the production of Enola Holmes 3, fans can anticipate more mystery, adventure, and intrigue from the beloved young detective.

The success of the franchise has solidified Enola Holmes as a standout series on the platform, with audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the gripping saga. With Brown's star continuing to rise and Netflix's commitment to quality storytelling, Enola Holmes 3 promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable addition to the beloved franchise.