"Monster High: The Movie - A Magical and Empowering Family Film on Netflix"

News - 30 October 2023
In the Netflix Top 10, there is a standout film that is catching the attention of viewers. Unlike the usual Netflix Original series or intense horror movies, this film is a lighthearted children's/family film featuring a group of wild teenage monsters. The film, titled Monster High: The Movie, was released in 2022 and directed by Todd Holland.

Netflix has described the film as "magical, children's music" with a strong emphasis on "girl power". The cast includes Miia Harris, Steve Valentine, and Ceci Balagot among others.nnMonster High: The Movie is based on the popular Mattel doll series of the same name.

While the film has received mixed reviews, it currently holds an impressive 83 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer based on six reviews. However, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is not as high, sitting at less than 50 percent. Some critics have expressed their opinions on the film, with Michel Overbeeke stating in his FilmTotaal review that Monster High: The Movie feels more like a marketing ploy to sell dolls to children rather than a well-crafted teen film, giving it a rating of two stars.

nnFor those interested in watching Monster High: The Movie, it is now available on Netflix. The film follows the story of a teenage werewolf who discovers she is half human and sets out on a quest to find a potion that will transform her into a full-fledged monster in order to save her new school.nnOverall, Monster High: The Movie offers a fun and whimsical storyline that is sure to entertain younger audiences.

With its themes of friendship, self-acceptance, and empowerment, the film delivers a positive message while also showcasing the adventures of a group of quirky teenage monsters. So if you're looking for a light-hearted and family-friendly film to enjoy, Monster High: The Movie may be the perfect choice for your next movie night.nnIn conclusion, Monster High: The Movie is a charming film that brings to life the beloved Mattel doll series in a new and entertaining way.

With its mix of humor, heart, and supernatural elements, the film offers a delightful viewing experience for both children and adults alike. So gather your family together, grab some popcorn, and prepare to be transported into a world where teenage monsters roam and friendship conquers all. Watch Monster High: The Movie now on Netflix and join in the magical adventure today!