Jenna Ortega Channels Wednesday Addams Look at Thom Browne's Fashion Anniversary Event in NYC

News - 1 November 2023
This past week, Jenna Ortega channeled her iconic character Wednesday Addams from the popular Netflix series of the same name. However, this transformation was not for a Halloween costume but for a special event she was invited to by fashion designer Thom Browne. Browne was celebrating his twentieth anniversary in the fashion industry, and the event was attended by a star-studded guest list at The Grill, a trendy restaurant in New York City frequented by celebrities.

nnAmong the attendees at the event were notable figures such as Chase Sui Wonders and David Harbour, who all made sure to dress to impress for the occasion. Jenna Ortega also made a splash on the red carpet with her striking outfit that has since sparked discussions in the international gossip media and on social media platforms.nnThe 21-year-old actress was spotted in a schoolgirl ensemble, a look that harkened back to her character Wednesday Addams on the hit series.

Known for her portrayal of the title role on the show, Ortega's choice of attire at the event had fans and onlookers alike buzzing with excitement. For those who are curious to see these new photos of Ortega in her schoolgirl outfit, they can check out the snapshots online.nnOverall, Jenna Ortega's transformation into Wednesday Addams for the special event hosted by Thom Browne was a memorable and attention-grabbing moment that captured the interest and admiration of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

By paying homage to her iconic character through her fashion choices, Ortega once again proved her versatility and ability to captivate audiences both on and off screen.