Akiva Goldsman Provides Updates on Anticipated Sequels to Blockbusters I Am Legend and Constantine

News - 10 July 2023
Akiva Goldsman, a renowned writer, recently provided updates on the highly anticipated sequels he is working on - the follow-ups to the 2007 blockbuster I Am Legend starring Will Smith and the 2005 film Constantine featuring Keanu Reeves. Although Goldsman's progress has been halted due to the writers' strike, he confirmed that both sequels are still in development and are poised to be his next projects once the strike is resolved.nnDuring an interview, Goldsman shared, "The writers' strike has forced me to put my pens down, so there isn't much I can do at the moment.

I had already begun brainstorming ideas for Legend 2 and Constantine 2 with Francis Lawrence and Keanu Reeves, but I have yet to begin putting those ideas into writing."nnI Am Legend 2 will see the return of Will Smith as he joins forces with Michael B. Jordan in this highly anticipated sequel.

On the other hand, Constantine 2 will once again feature Keanu Reeves as the demon hunter in what is sure to be another thrilling adventure.nnAs for release dates, both sequels are currently without official schedules and are awaiting further developments before they can be set for production and release. Despite the uncertainty caused by the writers' strike, fans can rest assured that both projects are still in the works and will eventually make their way to the silver screen.

nnGoldsman's involvement in these sequels has sparked excitement among fans of the original films, as his talent and experience in storytelling are sure to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved franchises. With his creative vision at the helm, both I Am Legend 2 and Constantine 2 are expected to deliver thrilling and captivating experiences that will satisfy loyal fans and attract new audiences alike.nnThe concept of sequels is not a new one in Hollywood, as many successful films have spawned follow-ups that continue the stories of their beloved characters.

In the case of I Am Legend and Constantine, both films left fans wanting more, eager to see what adventures awaited their favorite protagonists. With Goldsman's involvement, these sequels have the potential to not only meet but exceed the expectations set by their predecessors.nnI Am Legend 2 holds particular intrigue for fans, as the original film was a critical and commercial success, solidifying Will Smith's status as a leading man in Hollywood.

The addition of Michael B. Jordan to the sequel's cast raises the anticipation even further, as Jordan's star power and acting prowess are sure to bring a new dynamic to the film's narrative.nnSimilarly, Constantine 2 promises to deliver another thrilling chapter in the saga of Keanu Reeves' demon hunter character.

Reeves' portrayal of John Constantine was lauded by audiences and critics alike, making the prospect of a sequel all the more exciting. With Goldsman's involvement, fans can expect a continuation of the dark and supernatural elements that made the original film a standout in the genre.nnAs the entertainment industry navigates the challenges posed by the writers' strike and other obstacles, it is heartening to know that projects like I Am Legend 2 and Constantine 2 are still moving forward.

The dedication of the creative team behind these sequels, coupled with the anticipation of fans around the world, ensures that these films will be worth the wait.nnIn conclusion, Akiva Goldsman's updates on I Am Legend 2 and Constantine 2 have generated significant buzz and excitement within the film industry. Despite the setbacks caused by the writers' strike, Goldsman's commitment to these projects and his creative vision promise to deliver sequels that will captivate audiences and honor the legacies of the original films.

Fans can look forward to seeing Will Smith and Keanu Reeves reprising their iconic roles in these eagerly awaited sequels, which are sure to be epic cinematic experiences.