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A website communication is a package of solutions in the which we build an online newspaper facilitating the accessibility to the readers all over the world. This website is quickly capable of publishing quickly news.

Functions Description


  • Supply to the customer 3 designs. These designs has a harmonious plan, directed to approvisonnement of the information. The system of menu at 3 levels allows to arrange in a dynamic way news, groups of news and special sections of news.The system allows to post the information according to the striking groups of news, the fraiches news.

Home page

  • Slideshow

  • Summarized article of presentation
  • The most recent news
  • Block advertising
  • Support online

Page: Presentation

  • Articles of presentation

  • Printing the information
  • Download the information

Pages of news

  • Articles with the images and the information. The article is drafted with the tool Text Editor which allows us to modify easily the article as MS Word.

  • In order chronological classification of the news
  • Printing the information
  • Download the information

Module of advertising

  • Manage banners, logos, links on the website. It is about a module freeing advertising departments.

Statistical module

  • Inventory the visitors of the site, every special section or every article. Inventory the sections attracting the most numerous of the readers, inventory the list of most visited articles...

Advanced search 

  • Besides the functions of search according to keywords generally, this advanced search allows the search by typing the words which are: the title of the article, the author, the section, the date published.

Photo Album

  • Photo albums

  • View a photo

Page Contact

  • Information contact

  • Form contact
  • Google map

Page send article

  • This page allows the reader, the associate, to send an article by means of the website. The writers can select or edit the contents to post articles on the website. The integration of all the tools for the management of the contents CMS allows to manage contents of the website under the model of an online newspaper

Page Recruitment

  • Classified information in order chronological.

  • Printing the information
  • Download the information

Maintenance the website

  • Free maintenance the website during 6 months.


  • A language (possibility joining the other languages)

Back office

  • Manage the page presentation

  • Manage the page information
  • Manage the photo album
  • Manage the image
  • Manage the information about the recruitment
  • Manage the advertising banner 
  • Manage the file upload
  • Manage the inventory
  • Manage the page sends article

Other functions

  • Other functions based on the orders of the customer


Please contact us for more information in detail on the price for development this website.