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Website ecommerce

With the very fast development of the e-commerce, all the activities of sale - purchase occur faster, bringing many advantages to the customer. This type of site helps you not only to present products, services of your company, but also helps you to listen to the needs of the customers of the whole world. It is the reason for which VietGest is happy to present you its product of site of e-commerce, complete and easy to use:

Functions Description

Template design

  • 3 templates in your choices. Only the final, validated by you, will to be implemented in the website.

Module 1: Shop/Boutique presentation

  • Some words and pics about your shop/company. This can be edited easly by yourself from back-office of website.

Module 2: Catalogue/Product management

  • Categories of product

  • Invetory management
  • Product details: images, descriptions, price, atributes of  products.
  • Related product, accessories.

Module 3: Partner management

  • List of partners with logo in a sliderbar.

  • Link to the Homepage of partner

Module 4: News 

  • Display the articles edited from the Back-office of website. A content of article is image, text or video.

  • The articles can be sorted by publication time.
  • Print articles
  • Dowloadn articles

Module 5: Users management

  • Client account management - Personnal information, username, password, avarta.

  • Orders management : bill, invoice, payment management.
  • Orders history.
  • Voucher management
  • Private message box.
  • Return management.

Module 6: Localization / taxes

  • Address format according to country.

  • Unlimited Currencies
  • Exchange rate synchronization
  • VAT apply for each country.

Module 7: Shopping cart /Checkout

  • One-page checkout

  • 5 steps to following until the validation of payment.
  • Recalculate amount following the change of VAT and quantity of product.
  • Create an account or continue as Guest.
  • Reduction code can make a change on the total price.

Module 8: Shipping carriers

  • Shipping service provider management

  • Fees by Price, Weight or Shipping provider.
  • Support one of these shipping carrier: USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post.

Module 9: Payment methode

    We support these payment methodologies:
  • Wire transfer

  • Credit card: Visa, Master, American

  • Paypal

  • Or others module of payment in demande.

Module 10: Gift/Reduction voucher

  • Gift voucher management: Create, Assign, Delete gift voucher to a client or a group of client. Gift has a expired date.

  • Reduction voucher: idem. Absolute or pourcentage reduction amount.
  • While cheking out, if, the client enter the reduction/gift voucher code, the total price will be recalculated in considering the reduction. 

Module 11: Admin Panel

  • A back-office in which the webmaster can do all configuration and administration task. All can be edited.

Module 12: Forum

  • Forum intergrated in e-commerce website help you to listen what your clients tell about your service.

  • Users synchonization between shop's user and forum's login.

Module 13: Testimonial

  • Display the testimonial feedback from customers to the website. 

Module 14: Search & Avanced Search

  • Key-words search in all website.

  • Avanced search multi-criteria: product type, brand, size/color of product, price from ... to.

Module 15: Module avertising

  • Banner advertising bloc.

  • Blocs magement in back-office.

Module 16: Brand management

  • Product brand management.  

Module 17: Hotline

  • Chat online with YM, Skype, MSN.

Module 18: Online guest counter

  • Online guest/Client counter

Module 19: SEO

  • Site map, Google Analytics, Meta-tags.

Module 20: Social network link

  • Link to Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn …

Module 21: Slideshow

  • A slideshow in the Homepage to present your product and service

Module 22: Contact form

  • Contact information

  • Contact form
  • Google map


  • Free maintenance for 6th first months


  • French, English or other in your choice.

Please contact us for futher information on this solution